Laura Greig – Kaiāwhina

Tararua Community Services.

Becoming a parent is an exciting time which sometimes presents some challenges. Our Kaiāwhina is trained to support your journey from pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Wahakura Wānanga are held at the Pahiatua Marae and are an opportunity to weave your own wahakura for your new pēpi/baby. Once woven, the wahakura are fitted with mattresses and linen to give your pēpi/baby a safe sleep space, perfect for whānau who plan to co-sleep.

Love Rug Gifts are given to new babies that are born into our community. These are delivered to you, along with a meal for your family so you can put your feet up.

Breastfeeding information and support and access to local Lactation Consultant clinics.

Regular Coffee, Cake and Chat sessions with topics like CPR for babies, introducing solid food, carseat safety checking, supporting health sleep routines and supporting your baby’s healthy development.

Individual support can be provided to meet your needs and link you to other services or support you at home.

Free Pregnancy Tests and Midwives

If you think you are pregnant, pregnancy tests can be done at Tararua Community Services or you can choose to take a kit home with you.

If you do the test with us, you will be asked some questions such as:

  • The date of the first day of your last period
  • What contraception/ārai hapū you have been using.

You will be asked to give a urine sample which will be tested to see if you are pregnant.

If you are pregnant, we can:

  • Refer you to a midwife who can care for you during your pregnancy.

You can also find a midwife on this link:

Referral Form – Download here or contact 06 3767608